New iOS 14 Incoming
September 15, 2020

Expected to go live this week as soon as tomorrow, Wednesday 09/16, is the new version of Apple’s iOS 14. There are a few side effects of this that iOS players are likely to encounter:

  • A new pop-up that will ask for your permission to allow Marvel Strike Force to access other devices on your network. This message will be triggered by third-party software that our game uses, and we are working with our partners to disable this pop-up in a future update of Strike Force. To be clear, we are not seeking to access any additional devices on your network, and you may safely decline this permission without any adverse effect to your experience with the game.

  • There may be visual elements of the game that don’t display correctly with the current 4.3 version, such as level-up VFX. These visual issues are expected to be corrected with the next 4.4 version of the game

If you experience any additional oddities in the game with iOS 14, please contact us via in-game support and be as detailed as possible, so we can promptly investigate. Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience.