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No Correction of Progress to Ability Enhancements Challenge
April 29, 2020

Last Wednesday, we published messaging that detailed a plan to fix a bug that set character stats too low in the Ability Enhancements Challenge, and correct player progress unintentionally made because of it. Last Friday, we published further context into why those decisions were made, with one of the significant factors being creating a fair experience for our players (those that already beat the challenge, those that encountered the bug, and those that haven’t yet faced this challenge), as well as creating the best challenge ramp for new players coming in to the game.

Upon further discussion of how we can best handle this situation for all players, we’ve decided to not do a correction to progress and do the following instead: The character stats for the Ability Enhancements Challenge have been fixed and will remain at their current values, which was always the design intention.

However, changes will be made to the reward structure of the higher tiers in this specific challenge, moving the rewards from Tier 12 down into Tier 11 and 10. The new reward structure will be:

Tier 10

  • Blue Ability Materials: 13

  • Purple Ability Materials: 25

  • Orange Ability Materials: 3

Tier 11

  • Blue Ability Materials: 14

  • Purple Ability Materials: 25

  • Orange Ability Materials: 3

Tier 12

  • Blue Ability Materials: 15

  • Purple Ability Materials: 25

  • Orange Ability Materials: 3

As you can see, the rewards for Purple & Orange Ability Materials are the same across all these tiers. We’re also adding Blue Ability Materials to Tiers 11 and 12, with slightly increasing values. This allows lower-level players to get nearly the same rewards but the intended challenge curve can remain intact; anticipating any future tiers that may be added.

As the rewards have been flattened across high-level tiers, this means that the previously planned correction of progress is no longer necessary and we will not do it.

As always, the dev team evaluates all issues individually. In this situation, with these issues, in this climate, we are treating players that encountered two separate issues (Captain Marvel AI being the second) with the challenge equally and leave progress as is. In the future, that may not always be the case. 

Thank you to those of you that took the time to articulate your perspectives in a thoughtful manner. Community feedback is extremely valuable to us and will continue to read and review it to help make the best gaming experience possible.

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