Orange Gear Orb Update
September 1, 2020

A quick recap: last weekend, we made a mistake with the Valuable Lessons login calendar, which granted an incorrect amount of Orange Catalyst Orb Fragments giving some players ~3000 orbs. The problem with the orb was fixed approximately three hours after it went live, but not before several thousand players, mostly in timezones UTC +8, +9, +10, were able to claim the orbs.

In continuing our policy of reviewing problems individually, the dev team has determined that the players that received the incorrect number of orbs cannot keep them or their contents as it would create an inequitable advantage within the community. Therefore, we need to issue a correction of gear progress on the affected accounts to a state before they claimed the orbs. The team is currently working on the technical aspects of this and the correction is expected to go into effect sometime this week, and will likely require server downtime of 2-3 hours.

After the correction goes into effect, we’ll be sending out two forms of compensation:

  • To the players directly affected by the correction: you'll receive a compensation package for the resources and time invested, as well as the inconvenience we've caused.

  • To all other players: a compensation package to alleviate the competitive advantage that other players gained between the time the bug went live and the corrections and the general inconvenience that this issue has caused you as well.

This is a complicated issue that will be carried out in several phases, and we’ll continue to keep you updated on the status of this issue all the way through to completion. We understand that corrections like this are extremely frustrating and they're not something we take lightly. However, the severity of our mistake is such that we can't let affected players keep their progress, nor can we make the incorrect amounts available to everyone. We greatly appreciate your patience while we work on this.