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Pestilence Scourge Event Issues
April 19, 2022

With the Pestilence Scourge Event in full swing, there have been a few issues and we want to provide you with some updates. 

First, there have been a number of accounts that have appeared on the Leaderboards that clearly could not have earned the points necessary to get there. The dev team is manually reviewing each of these profiles in real-time and banning any accounts that fraudulently acquired those points. To maintain the integrity of the Rank Rewards, there will be a delay period of ~24 hours after the event ends to allow time to review the final standings (beyond the top 100 on the Leaderboards) and remove any accounts that didn’t rightfully earn their place. As there are many accounts to review, this does mean that there will be a delay in delivering shards for Morgan Le Fay but we will work as quickly as possible to minimize the waiting time.

Second, there are several Scourges that are currently not functioning and are basically “free points”. As many players have already been able to take advantage of this, we will leave these Scourges unchanged for the duration of this event. These functionality of the Scourges will be fixed for the next Scourge Event:

  • Dark Resolve I & II
  • Vile Rally
  • Poisoned Energy I
  • Back in the Fight

To ensure all players are aware of this, we are updating the description of these Scourges (likely today) to call out that you will get “free points” for adding these to your run. We are also extending the duration of the Scourge Event to allow players enough time to utilize these Scourges if they wish.

Third, there is an aspect of the efficiency system, designed for tie-breakers, that does not match the design intention. The current function is that the system only counts your efficiency for the last battle in a given node, instead of the intended function of counting all battles that occur in that node. Again, as many players have already been able to use this, we will leave it unchanged until the next Scourge Event. Keep in mind that this only affects tie-breaker scores and adds a small amount of points to the total.

Finally, we saw questions in regard to the “I See You” Scourge and how it interacts with a character like Spider-Man (Miles), who activates Stealth at the start of the battle. The combat modifier for the Scourge is not actually “active” when “on spawn” Passive Abilities are applied. Basically, the current interaction is working as intended.

Please pardon our dust on this first iteration of the Scourge Event and we’ll be sending out some general compensation in the near future to all players eligible to participate in the Scourge Event as an appreciation for your patience while we work out the kinks.

Keep in mind that the Pestilence Scourge Event will run another iteration in the future and Milestone rewards can be earned again, so there will be more opportunities to earn additional character shards for Morgan Le Fay. We are thrilled to see so many players expressing how much fun they are having in the Pestilence Scourge Event and we’ll work to ensure that future Scourge Events are even better.

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