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Pestilence Scourge Rank Rewards Issue Follow-up
April 29, 2022

To quickly recap, there were two issues with the Rank Rewards yesterday that caused incorrect rewards to be delivered. The team is actively working on correcting this and ensuring that all players get the rewards they should have received based on their final standing as of yesterday, Thursday 4/28 PDT, on the Leaderboard including the standard Morgan Le Fay character shards, bonus shards, and related Red Stars. We’re working to deliver these today, but if a technical issue prevents it then they will be delivered early next week.

After the correct Rank Rewards are delivered, later next week we’ll be sending out a package of bonus gifts to all players level 50 and above. Accounts removed from the leaderboards yesterday will not receive this gift.

Again, we ask that you please pardon our dust on this first iteration of the Scourge Event and the team will work hard to ensure that the next one will not repeat these issues.

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