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Prepare for Jubilee!
January 8, 2021

The next season of Mojo’s Mayhem (unlocked at Level 64) in the Real-Time Arena is nearly upon us and the next character to be featured is the deadly Yellowjacket! Complete Objectives in Mojo’s Mayhem to earn Ratings Tokens, then redeem them to earn Rewards including character shards for the aforementioned vicious stinger.

Furthermore, Yellowjacket is part of the Pym Tech team needed to unlock the next Legendary character, Jubilee. You’ll need Ant-Man, Wasp, Ghost, Stature and Yellowjacket at a minimum of 5-stars each to unlock the walking fireworks display. 

To give you another taste of Jubilee's utility, here's a first-look at her Passive ability, "Mall Rat":

  • When an ASTONISHING X-MEN ally drops below 50% Health, fill an ally Beast Speed Bar by 30% + generate an Ability Energy for allied Beast.

  • On enemy Death, fill all ASTONISHING X-MEN allies' Speed Bar by 25%.

  • On this character's and each ASTONISHING X-MEN or Wolverine ally's turn, apply Assist Now to self, Wolverine or a random ASTONISHING X-MEN ally.

  • Gain +30% Max Health for self and ASTONISHING X-MEN allies.

  • In RAIDS:

    • Gain +20% Speed for self and ASTONISHING X-MEN allies.

    • Gain +40% Damage for self and ASTONISHING X-MEN allies.

Look forward to hearing more information about Jubilee and how you can earn more Pym Tech character shards in the near future.

In the meantime, get ready to earn those killer ratings!

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