Public API & Updates
May 19, 2022

We’re happy to announce that the API for MARVEL Strike Force is now available to the public and all players are welcome to access the dashboard: . There is an FAQ up on the official Discord server, and a dedicated channel where you can ask questions: .

The first step in player profile import functionality is now available on, which allows you to import your player profile card - the information you can see on your in-game Profile page.  This functionality can also be accessed via the public API. 

The next step of player profile import functionality via the API will be the new inventory screen, which will allow you to view all of your items & resources. This is actively being worked on and targeting a release this summer. 

After the inventory screen is implemented, we’ll work on allowing you to import your full roster data into, which should still happen within 2022. 

For players that have pre-existing accounts on, be sure to login and sync your in-game account to your account if you wish to retain the information associated with your account. In your profile dropdown menu, go to the Settings page and select “Link to MSF”. Within the next couple of months, the option to create specifically an account will be retired and instead, players will be prompted to login by linking their in-game accounts. We will send a reminder closer to the date that this happens.

Thanks for all the great feedback and suggested improvements for and we’ll continue to make meaningful updates that improve your experience with MARVEL Strike Force.

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