Raid Difficulty Selector Details
May 13, 2020

In a previous blog entry we announced the Raid Difficulty Selector feature, which will allow Alliances to increase the difficulty of certain raids, Ultimus 6 & 7, for a greater challenge and increased rewards. Today we’re able to share a few more details and are happy to announce that we’re putting the final touches on the feature, which we expect for it to go live next week.

To ensure proper implementation, we will temporarily disable the ability to start a new iteration of Ultimus 7 Raid for approximately 1 day. This will happen approximately 25 hours before the Raid Difficulty Selector is implemented, and subsequently can be accessed by players. As this will make the raid temporarily inaccessible, compensation will be sent to account for this missed time.

The first iteration of the feature will only support the Raids of Ultimus 6 & 7, but we will be looking to expand the feature to additional Raids in the future. Additionally, we have bridged the gap between U6 & U7 by making the normal difficulty of U7 easier than it is now.

Difficulties increase enemy stats as well as per-node and per reward tier rewards, and are displayed on the Rewards page. When you have the difficulty selected, Reward Tier improvements are automatically included in the Rewards page. Higher difficulties multiply the stats of enemies compared to only the Normal Difficulty version of the Raid - the multipliers are not cumulative as you move up.

In order to unlock increased difficulties, Alliances will need to reach the following thresholds:

  • Ultimus 6 Raid: complete 60% or higher

  • Ultimus 7 Raid: complete 100%

The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you’ll get for clearing a mission node individually, and the more rewards you’ll get when the raid ends. The first time you complete a new Difficulty with your Alliance, you’ll get bonus first-time rewards. These rewards are tied to individual players, not the Alliance, and can only be claimed once in for Difficulty.

Alliances will earn rewards for reaching each of the three thresholds for clearing nodes at 30%, 60% and 100% completion. For the purposes of Raid Season Points only: the points earned on a higher Difficulty at ~60% completion will be the same as the Difficulty that preceded it at 100% completion.

When you’re finally able to interact with the Selector and get into a Raid, you will see slight differences between the power values of characters shown as a node preview and the values shown in the battle. There is likely to be a 1K to 3K variance per character and will be rounded to the nearest thousand. This is because the power values were pre-calculated (when mission data was saved), to allow raid maps to load quickly. We are also looking to correct a visual issue where the Total Power of a node might not actually equal the sum of the individual characters power numbers.

One thing to note for the future is that there might be a need to change the number of bonus leaderboard points players earn per node between Raid seasons, to ensure balance.