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April 17, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we’ve provided a number of details about the updated Red Stars system.  However, we missed key information and important context, and we understand the jolt and confusion that may have resulted from yesterday's update.  This post aims to provide -- however belatedly -- that information and context, so you can understand the totality of what the Red Star Rework is and how it's intended to give players informed choices. 

In the details provided last week, there was a typo stating that the side pillar rewards of Red Star Orbs would have “Promotion Credits” when it should have stated “Elite Credits”. The wording was updated a few hours after publishing but the correction was not adequately highlighted. There was additional messaging mistakenly absent regarding the changes to prices of Silver & Gold Promotion Credits that we intended to give the community, but that too slipped past our review process. We do apologize for these inconsistencies.

For context on the intent of this rework: Purchasing with Elite Credits is not intended to be the primary source of Promotion Credits in the new system. Players will be getting significantly more Promotion Credits from the Daily Objectives, upcoming Flash Event, login calendars, Dark Dimension, and additional sources.

As a prime example, here are the rewards you can expect with the new flash event, Chaos Theory:

Tier 1 

1 Silver Promotion Credit / victory

First Time Only: 10 Silver Promotion Credits

Tier 2

2 Silver Promotion Credits / victory

First Time Only: 20 Silver Promotion Credits

Tier 3

3 Silver Promotion Credits / victory

First Time only: 20 Silver Promotion Credits

Tier 4

5 Silver and 1 Gold Promotion Credits / victory

First Time Only: 20 Silver and 10 Gold Promotion Credits

Tier 5

9 Silver and 2 Gold Promotion Credits / victory

First Time Only: 25 Silver and 20 Gold Promotion Credits

Tier 6

12 Silver and 4 Gold Promotion Credits / victory

First Time Only: 30 Silver and 30 Gold Promotion Credits

Tier 7

18 Silver and 7 Gold Promotion Credits / victory

First Time Only: 75 Silver and 40 Gold Promotion Credits

This Flash event will be run every month (three attempts for each iteration), so after completing Tier 7, players will be able to earn 648 Silver Promotion Credits and 252 Gold Promotion Credits every 12 months.  When combined with the 365 Silver Promotion Credits from the Alliance Donation Daily, that's over 1000 Silver Promotion Credits each year.

As such, the option to spend Elite Credits on Promotion Credits is intended for players who need a smaller amount of Promotion Credits for a purchase, not bulk conversions. In addition to the Flash Event and Daily Objectives, there will be many opportunities to earn Promotion Credits through other methods, such as login calendars, milestone rewards, and the like.

It's also important to take into account how extensive the changes to the Red Star Orb system are.

  • Elite Credits were added to the side pillars for the Basic Red Star Orb through the Elite 6 Star Orb

  • Opening a duplicate of a 1-Red Star character will grant the same number of Elite 4 Credits as opening a duplicate of a 2-Red Star character

  • The updated contents of Basic Red Orbs will ensure that upon opening 20 orbs, even if you got all duplicates of the lowest-Red Star characters, you’re guaranteed to have enough credits to purchase one Elite 4-Red Star Orb.

  • Duplicates of 3-Red Star characters have been increased from 400 to 450 Elite 4 Credits

  • Duplicates of 4-Red Star characters in the basic Red Star Orb have been increased from 900 to 950 Elite 4 Credits

Opening Orbs is more valuable with this change, and advancing from one Elite orb to the next is much more reliable. As such, it's significantly easier to acquire high value Elite Credits than before.

Now that we've looked at the changes in tandem, there’s still an action (in addition to sending 150 Silver Promotion Credits to players) that needs to be taken to allow players to make an informed choice. Sometime next week (date to-be-announced), for a 24-hour period we will set the prices of Silver & Gold Promotion Credits to their values prior to the change on Wednesday, to allow players the opportunity to segue into the new system. This will include the 20x multiplier on Gold Promotion Credits, so while this is active, 500 Elite 7 Credits will buy you 20 Gold Promotion Credits. The timeframe will be widely communicated to ensure that players are keenly aware of it.

We apologize for the confusion around the initial messaging and will use this experience to improve our internal processes. Thank you for your questions and your patience while we expedite the process.

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