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April 8, 2020

Several weeks ago, the Marvel Strike Force development team announced that the Red Stars System would be undergoing significant changes and improvements. We now have many details of that rework done and want to share them with you. There’s a lot of info here, so we’ll try to be as concise as possible. We expect these changes to go into effect by April 15th (PDT).

Promotion Credit Prices

The cost to use Promotion Credits for all characters will be adjusted at all tiers 5-Red Star and above.

  • The 5-Red Star cost will be lowered from the current value of 300 Silver Promotion Credits to 150

    • Any players that previously used Silver Promotion Credits to purchase 5-Red Star characters will be refunded the difference when the new system goes live

  • The 6-Red Star cost will change with the 20x inflation from 5 Gold Promotion Tokens to 100 - this is effectively the same cost in the new economy as it is now

  • The 7-Red Star cost will change with the 20x inflation from 50 Gold Promotion Tokens to 150 - this greatly reduces the cost from what it is now

As we’re adjusting the price points of 6 & 7 Red Star promotions, all Gold Promotion Credits in players' inventories will be multiplied by a factor of twenty. This means that 5 Gold Promotion Credits now will become 100 Gold Promotion Credits in the new system. This needs to be done to ensure that Gold Promotion Credits can become more accessible than they are currently.

Red Star Orbs

Several improvements will be made to Red Star Orbs to add increased value and generally make all levels more desirable to open.

  • Currently, the side pillars of Red Star Orbs are empty. In the new system, we’ll be adding Elite Credits to those pillars for the Basic Red Star Orb through the Elite 6 Star Orb

  • Opening a duplicate of a 1-Red Star character will grant the same # of Elite Credits as opening a duplicate of a 2-Red Star character

  • The updated contents of Basic Red Orbs will ensure that upon opening 20 orbs, even if you got all duplicates of the lowest-Red Star characters, you’re guaranteed to have enough credits to purchase one Elite 4-Red Star Orb

  • Elite 7-Red Star Orbs will have the price lowered from 5000 Elite 7 Credits to 2500 Credits. Opening a duplicate at this level will grant enough credits to open another orb.

Two changes have already been made and are now in the game, that we hadn’t officially announced. One is that a third row was added to the Elite Store, to allow for more agency in selecting characters. The second is that the drop rates for 3-Red Star and 4-Red Star characters in the Basic Red Star Orb have been increased, to add more value to opening the orb.

Character Release Cadence

As the cost of acquiring characters with Promotion Credits will significantly decrease and the value of Red Star Orbs will significantly increase, the release cadence of adding new characters to the Elite Store will slightly change.

When a character first becomes available through any method in the game, they will be added to all levels of Red Star Orbs, with the exception of certain characters like Ultron. However, the character will not appear for acquisition via Promotion Credits until the character becomes “farmable” somewhere in the game. We feel that allowing a direct path to both a 7-Star (Gold) new character and their respective 7-Red Star potentially on the day of release could be too widely oppressive. We will closely monitor this issue.

The Power Curve

As mentioned in a previous blog, we will be adjusting the power curve of the system to reduce the gaps between each tier. Below are the current percent-based values and subsequently what the new values will be:

  • Old 

    • +2%/+5%/+10%/+20%/+35%/+50%/+75%

  • New:

    • +5%/+10%/+20%/+35%/+50%/+60%/+75%

To ensure that this doesn’t significantly affect the difficulty of PvE content containing characters using Red Stars, characters with less than 7 Red Stars will have their Red Stars reduced by one. For example: a PvE character at 4-Red Stars now should have the same combat stats as a 3-Red Star character after the update. This will affect the displayed power values of those characters by showing numbers lower than what they are now. However, the difficulty of the nodes should remain the same.

NOTE: the Power numbers on Leaderboards will not update immediately when this change goes out - this will happen as players update roster information including increasing: character level, Gold Stars, Red Star promotions, Gear Tier (not individual pieces) and Abilities.

New Flash Event Cadence 

A new Flash Event, Chaos Theory, requiring Wakandans will run monthly and reward Silver & Gold Promotion Credits. Furthermore, we’re scheduling each of the following events to start running on a monthly cadence:

  • Red Star Flash Event: Chaos Theory (requires Wakandans) 1st Friday PDT (Saturday UTC) of the month

    • The first 4 missions require only 4 Wakandan characters

      • The Shuri Legendary Event will return between the first and second run of Chaos Theory

  • Relic Hunt (requires Hand) 2nd Saturday of the month

  • Pay Day (requires Mercenaries) 3rd Saturday of the month

On a slightly separate track, the Block Party event (requires City Heroes) will run every other month on the 4th Saturday (approximately 8 weeks apart).

Wrapping It Up…

As this is a significant overhaul of the system, the team will be closely monitoring all the changes to ensure that they are working as intended. There may be subsequent changes to ensure that we’re hitting the mark.

We look forward to rolling out the changes as soon as possible and reading your feedback to aid in fine-tuning the system. Thanks for your patience while we work to get this out to you.

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