3.10 Release Notes
March 31, 2020

Usher in Thanos's reign with the Black Order!

Arriving over the course of this release:

• Cheers to 2 years of MARVEL Strike Force with the Second Strike Celebration and rewards

• New Advanced Option: You can now easily cycle through Saved Squads in the Blitz Opponent Select screen

• Enhance your squad with 2 new playable characters: Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight

• Coming Soon: Snap the competition by assembling the Black Order to equip Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet!

• Hydra Sniper's Special Ability updated

• Assemble your top Cosmic Heroes for the "Enter the Black Order" Event Campaign

• Returning to the Store Orb tab after going to the Orb Chamber now returns you to the same spot on the orb list

• Commas now appear in all character and team Power numbers to improve readability


• Characters have been returned to their proper size on the Squad Select screen

• Fill 'er up: Empty slots will now be replaced with 7-Red Star characters on the Red Star Supplies screen

• Kree Cyborg's level 4 Passive ability description was missing the "75% chance of gaining Offense Up." We corrected the description

• A.I.M. Infector's Basic ability text updated to match its combat action of copying negative effects instead of transferring -- allowing players to sync A.I.M infector's negative effects and Scientist Supreme's Special ability

• Shuri's Passive ability text incorrectly stated that she only applied 3 Deflect in Raids to "Wakandan allies." The text has been corrected to: "apply 3 Deflect to all allies"

• Some characters' Passive abilities (like Black Panther's) were incorrectly triggering more than once if they assisted. This has been fixed.

• Battle issues no longer occur when Captain Marvel Assists in Alliance War

• Fixed a visual issue causing Bonus Events to not display the correct rewards

Updated Characters


Passive - Titan Eternal

• When Thanos gains all 6 Infinity Stones, he becomes Empowered

Thanos "Empowered"

Basic - Infinity Blast

• Attack primary target for damage and apply Bleed. Attack all adjacent targets for damage and apply Bleed

• Gain Counter

Special - Time Shift

• Energy Cost: 3/5

• Flip all negative effects to positive effects for all allies

• Flip all positive effects to negative effects for all enemies

• Apply Taunt to an ally Cull Obsidian for 2 turns

• This attack is unavoidable and cannot be Blocked

Ultimate - Celestial Barrage

• Energy Cost: 3/7

• Attack all targets for Piercing and Drain. Repeat this attack 2 additional times

• Lower the Speed Bar of all enemies

• This attack cannot miss

Passive - Ultimate Power

• If this character's Health is full at the start of a match; the first time this character or a Black Order ally drops below 50% Health, increase Speed Bar and apply Regeneration to self and all Black Order allies

Lower Damage and Armor for all enemies

Hydra Sniper

Special - Zero In

• Now applies Offense Up to all Hydra units instead of Hydra Minions

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