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February 20, 2020

Make friends with the new Contacts List and additions to the Brotherhood, Power Armor, and Hydra teams!

Arriving over the course of this release:

  • Enhance your squad with 4 new playable characters: Blob, Toad, Ironheart, and Red Skull!
  • Power stat increases and ability upgrades for Hydra Grenadier, Hydra Rifle Trooper, Hydra Sniper, Hydra Armored Guard, Hydra Scientist
  • Minor ability enhancements for Iron Man, War Machine, Magneto, Juggernaut
  • Contacts List - You can now add up to 100 friends for convenient direct messaging
  • Coming Soon: Raid Difficulty Selector - Quickly adjust the difficulty and rewards of Ultimus Raid VI and VII to match your Alliance's skill level


  • Shattered bug: Crystal and Karnak's Assist animations now animate when they Assist
  • Completed Raid Objective now correctly appears at the bottom of the Daily Objectives List
  • Changed the font color of traits in the character screen to improve readability.
  • Fixed: Red badges were appearing on the Alliance Raids feature for players that did not have Alliance Raids unlocked
  • Mended wings: Falcon and Vulture's idle animations were not working after being revived
  • Text Fix: Scientist Supreme's Field Trials ability description now correctly states, "Apply Regeneration to self and all A.I.M. allies for 2 turns" and matches the ability
  • Bug Fix Assemble! Captain America and Iron Man's team-up ability was not animating
  • The Supplies Store purchase check mark no longer blocks players from selecting that specific item
  • Also fixed: the Android "Back Button" was sometimes not closing the game
  • iOS 13 users are now able to properly attach screenshots to in-app support requests
  • Improved general game stability across all devices
  • Android in-app purchase offers now appear even if the game has been idle for a prolonged period

Updated Characters

Iron Man

Passive - Stark Upgrades

  • Also gains +5% Damage for each POWER ARMOR ally

War Machine

  • Speed increased to 115


Passive - Brotherhood of Mutants

  • Now gain +10,000% Resistance against Taunt
  • BROTHERHOOD allies now gain +10,000 Resistance against Taunt
  • Now gain +60% Resistance
  • BROTHERHOOD allies now gain +60% Resistance
  • Now gain +60% Focus
  • BROTHERHOOD allies now gain +60% Focus


Passive - I'm the Juggernaut!

  • Now if Magneto is an ally, when an enemy attacks this character, fill Speed Bar by 20% for this character and all PROTECTOR allies.

Hydra Grenadier

Base Stats

  • Health, Focus, and Resistance stats +20% each

Basic - Flak Grenade

  • Now attack primary and adjacent targets for 210% damage and 20% Piercing
  • Now also apply Slow to primary target

Special - Corrosive Grenade

  • Now attack primary and adjacent targets for 190% damage and clear 1 positive effect from each target
  • Now repeat this attack 1 time

Hydra Rifle Trooper

Base Stats

  • Health, Focus, Resistance +20% increase each

Special - Hail of Bullets

  • Now attack all enemies for 180% Piercing

Passive - For the Cause

  • Now gain +10% damage
  • HYDRA MINION and Red Skull allies now gain +10% damage and +10% Max Health
  • Now assist HYDRA allies on non-attack abilities
  • On Revive, attack all enemies for 180% Piercing
  • On War Defense, on Spawn, gain Offense Up for 2 turns

Hydra Sniper

Base Stats

  • Focus & Resistance: +20% each
  • Armor: Tripled
  • Damage: +13.6 %

Basic - Marksman Shot

  • Now attack primary target for 290% Piercing

Special - Zero In

  • Now Gain +2 Offense Up, up to a maximum of 3, for self and all HYDRA MINION and Red Skull allies
  • Now gain Speed Up for 2 turns
  • Now increase Speed Bar by 60%

Passive - On Target

  • Now gain +15% Speed
  • HYDRA MINION and Red Skull allies now gain +15% Speed
  • Gain +15% Crit Chance
  • HYDRA MINION and Red Skull allies gain +15% Crit Chance
  • On Spawn, gain Stealth for 2 turns

Hydra Armored Guard

Base Stats

  • Health: +2%
  • Armor: +80%
  • Focus, Resistance: +20% each

Basic - Rapid Fire

  • Now apply Assist Now to a Hydra Rifle Trooper ally

Special - Alert!

  • Now clear all negative effects from self + heal 5% of Max Health per negative effect removed
  • If Red Skull is an ally, gain Immunity

Passive - Serum Treatment

  • Now gain +20% Armor
  • HYDRA MINION and Red Skull allies now gain +20% Armor

Hydra Scientist

Base Stats

  • Armor: +80%
  • Focus, Resistance: +20% each

Basic - Talon Pistol

  • Now, if Red Skull is an ally, always apply Heal Block

Special - Test Patient Zero

  • Energy Cost now 2/2
  • Now also apply Deflect to the most injured ally and Heal that ally for 10,000 Health + 20% of this character's Max Health
  • On WAR DEFENSE, clear Stun from Red Skull ally

Passive - Experimental Serum

  • Now gain +20% Max Health
  • HYDRA MINION and Red Skull allies gain +20% Max Health
  • On Turn, apply Regeneration + 2 random positive effects to the 2 most injured HYDRA allies
  • On WAR DEFENSE, when an enemy drops below 50% Health, apply Defense Down and Offense Down to that enemy

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