4.0.0 Release Notes
May 5, 2020

Have fun playing with your collection like never before by testing your might in real-time fights: VS Battle!

Challenge your friends in this exciting new way to play that pits your roster against theirs. Square off against another player in a strategic roster draft and then engage in a real-time battle.To play: From your Alliance or Contacts list in Chat, tap a player's name and then tap the VS Battle button.

Arriving over the course of this release:

• Empowered: Thanos is gaining a new set of even more powerful abilities during combat. A complete Black Order team will grant Thanos all 6 Infinity Stones in battle, thus completing the Infinity Gauntlet and Empowering Thanos!

• Enhance your squad with 3 new playable characters: Ebony Maw, Taskmaster, Ironheart.

• Raid Difficulty Selector - Quickly adjust the difficulty and rewards of Ultimus Raid VI and VII to match your Alliance's skill level.

• All summoned characters have been updated to benefit from the summoner's Red Star and Stark Tech boosts.

• Ability enhancements for Killmonger, Bullseye, Mercenary Lieutenant, and Mercenary Riot Guard

• Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Covert trait for Master Class, the Event Campaign for Taskmaster.


• Pop goes the bug: Pop-ups no longer overlap.

• Load times have been reduced for certain devices after their first instance of entering the Finder per session.

• Your position in the Store no longer resets after making a purchase in the Offer tab.

• Text Clarification: The description for Crystal's Passive Ability, Second Wind, has been updated to match her combat behavior. Crystal checks her own Health to see if the Heal will be applied to Inhuman allies.

• Text Clarification: The upgrade description for AIM Assaulter's Passive Juicer, has been updated to match his combat behavior -- specifying it only works on adjacent A.I.M. allies. The text for the full ability description remains correct and is unchanged.

• Text Clarification: The Level 4 upgrade description for Mordo's Passive ability, Too Many Sorcerers, has been updated to match his combat behavior -- a Supernatural character can gain 1-2 Ability Energy from death of a Mystic.

• Text Clarification: Ant-Man's Ultimate Ability, Stomp, updated to include missing information: Apply 2 turn Slow to primary target if Wasp is an ally.

Updated Characters


Passive - Retribution

• Now Gains +20% chance to Counterattack.

• Now Gains +20% chance to Counterattack for each WAKANDAN Ally


Passive - Never Miss

• New: Gains +10% Accuracy. All allies gain +10% Accuracy. MERCENARY allies gain +10% Crit damage. On WAR DEFENSE, assist allies on non-attack abilities.

Mercenary Lieutenant

Basic - Cover Fire

• New: Attack primary target for 290% damage. Grant 1 ability energy to a random ally. Grant 1 ability energy to all MERCENARY VILLAIN allies.

Passive - Squad Coherency

• New: On Turn, 40% chance to heal Lowest Health ally for 25% of this character's Max Health. If ally is MERCENARY, heal again for 10% of this character's Max Health. When a MERCENARY ally drops below 50% Max Health, fill this character's Speed Bar by 40%.

• New: On WAR DEFENSE, when an enemy attacks an adjacent ally, heal Lowest Health MERCENARY ally for 1,500 Health + 10% of this character's Max Health.

Mercenary Riot Guard

Passive - Riot Suppression

• New: Gain +25% Block Chance. Gain +25% Block amount.


• On turn, apply +1 Deflect , up to a maximum of 4, to adjacent allies.

• Gain +10% Block Chance per MERCENARY ally.

Mercenary Sniper

  • Counter Assist damage increased by 40%