4.5.0 Release Notes
November 3, 2020

Tremble before the destroyer of worlds and your new ruler: Doctor Doom!

Arriving over the course of this release:

• Enhance your squad with 4 new playable characters: Doctor Doom, Stature, Ghost, and Yellowjacket.

• Iso-8 trait icons updated with new color designs to improve recognition.

• New Campaign Chapter: Doom War Chapter 2 -- Go behind enemy lines to take down Doom's forces in S.T.R.I.K.E.'s guerrilla war.

• Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Aspiring trait for the Stature Event Campaign: "Tiny Stature, Big Problem."

• New Dark Dimension IV -- Conquer the darkness to recruit a powerful new ally: Doctor Doom!

• New Gear Tier 15 & max Commander Level increased to 80.

• Improved Roster screen UI, including better character portrait alignment.


• Iso-8 Fix: Characters with a self-Revive Passive Ability no longer Revive with Vulnerable if they were eliminated with an attack that applies Vulnerable.

• Iso-8 Fix: Skirmishers were not applying Vulnerable on Counter - this no longer occurs.

• Iso-8 Fix: Shocker's Ultimate ability animation no longer continues until the end of a battle when he performs an Iso-8 Bonus Attack.

• In the Medical Supply Run Challenge, "x0" will no longer appear for Dark Health Packs, Raid Health Packs, and Blitz Charges reward results if they've been maxed out.

• Counterattacks were not triggering when Deathproof was triggered at the same time. We killed this bug.

• Now you see it, now you don't: Mysterio's ability levels no longer change when navigating between his screen and his summon's screen.

• Text Fix: Black Bolt's Level 7 Upgrade for his Basic ability, "Royal Strike," now properly states the ability flips negative effects on self. The combat behavior is correct and remains unchanged.

• Text Fix: Hulk's Passive Ability, "Always Angry," updated to include a 10% Health increase. The combat behavior is correct and remains unchanged.

• Iron Fist's Passive Ability, "Son of K'un-Lun," was not Healing City Hero allies when there were no Defender allies. We K.O.'d this bug.

• The power of science: Mister Fantastic's Ultimate Ability, "Orbital Assault," is now correctly unblockable when She-Hulk is an ally.

Iso-8 Updates

Dev Note: Outdated Text References

Iso-8 underwent several revisions during development and there are some scattered references to some mechanics that didn’t make it into the current meta of Iso-8. As this is a brand new system, the team is closely monitoring how players are building their teams and measuring their performance. Balance is important in a system like this and there is likely to be changes & improvements based on what we see.

Dev Note: Striker/Skirmisher Bonus interaction

Currently, there is an interaction where if you have a character with the Striker class call a Skirmisher for an assist, the Striker will immediately follow up with their Bonus Attack. This was not an intended interaction but has led to some interesting theorycrafting, so for now we will not fix it. However, we will continue to monitor the class diversity and theorycrafting in Iso-8 and if this interaction is becoming so dominant that it deters versatility, we may change it in the future.

Dev Note: Wording on Raider

In the 4.5 update, Raider had a small text update. Raider now reads “On Active Ability Crit” as opposed to “On Crit”. This has not changed any of the functionality of the class, but we are aiming to make the effects of the class clearer. "On Crit" is the traditional wording we use for such mechanics but it caused enough confusion about how the mechanic functioned, that we felt it best to clarify the wording for the passive.

Updated Characters

Character Updates

Dev Note: Trait Updates

The two traits, Eternal and Martial Artist, have been traditionally underutilized. Martial Artist was required for one of our Event Campaigns, where you could only bring in Martial Artist characters. Eternal was only used by Thanos and Ultimus but had no combat bonuses tied to them. We’ve decided to remove both traits from all characters, to avoid any confusion. If a future Event Campaign requiring Martial Artist runs again, we'll revisit adding Martial Artist as a temporary trait.

A new trait is coming soon that will be an extension of the X-Men faction called, “Uncanny.” Somewhat similar to the “Wave I - Avengers" trait, we want to better identify certain team synergies and clear the path for any future X-Men characters. In addition to adding the “Uncanny” trait to some existing X-Men, we’ve also revised some of their kits and expanded some of their abilities: some updates will affect all X-Men, and some will only affect Uncanny X-Men. X-23 will also be joining the ranks of the X-Men. Don’t worry, these changes don’t reduce the effectiveness of any characters. This change will be to the benefit of all mutantkind.


Base Stats:

• +12% Health

• +12% Armor

Basic - Scrappy Fighter

• Increased Damage for Level 7 Ability

Special - Gum up the Works


• Attack primary target for 300% damage + apply Ability Block for 2 turns.

• Gain an assist from an ally Wasp.

Ultimate - Stomp

• Increased Damage for all ability levels

Passive - Escape Plan


• On Turn, 25% chance to gain Evade.


• On non-PYM TECH, HERO ally turn, 30% chance to gain Assist Now.

• On PYM TECH ally turn, 60% chance to gain Assist Now. If this character does not gain Assist Now, apply Assist Now to ally Yellowjacket.

• In DARK DIMENSION, on Spawn, if this character has 4 or more PYM TECH allies, apply Evade to self and all PYM TECH allies.


Dev Note: Along with updates to Wasp's abilities to help her synergize with the Pym Tech team, we removed Wasp's Charge mechanic, and now those abilities/benefits are always available.

Base Stats:

• +12% Health

• +12% Armor

Basic - Sting and Move


• Attack primary target for 300% damage.

• Chain to 1 adjacent target for 250% damage.

Special - Blasters


• Attack primary target for 280% damage + apply Stun.

• Bonus attack 2 times for 230% damage.

Ultimate - Flight of the Wasp

• Increased Damage for all ability levels

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