5.7.1 Release Notes
October 6, 2021

Today at 12:00pm PDT (Pacific Time) the game will require all players to update to version 5.7.1. It is possible that this could interrupt combat, so we recommend that you do not attempt to start a battle around this time until you are prompted to download the update.

This will address the following issues:

  • Fix for Phoenix not summoning Dark Phoenix upon death
  • Fix for Deathpool occasionally dealing low damage with her ultimate ability (fully charged)
  • Updated art for Silver Samurai’s character model

Android Crash bug

Some players were encountering a crash when attempting to load the game, specifically while on mobile service data (not Wi-Fi). We believe this is related to an upgrade with the Android API from version 29 to 30. We have reverted this upgrade and it should address the loading issues but we will be monitoring closely to ensure that it has the desired effect.

Alliance War Anomaly Detected bug

When a player would try to move a team into the new 9 and 10 slots occupied by default teams, an Anomaly Detected error would occur. This was fixed on Monday PDT.

Coming Soon...

There are some minor updates coming to some Heroes for Hire characters in the near future but likely not today.

Update to Misty Knight’s Passive Ability

The text stating "+5% Dodge + 5% Dodge per Heroes for Hire ally" was never functioning.  

The Heroes for Hire team has already exhibited exceptional survivability in Alliance War, and adding a chance to Dodge on top of that isn’t needed. Going forward, Misty Knight’s passive ability will instead feature an increase to Max Health.

Gain 5% Max Health.

All Heroes for Hire Passive Abilities

The Passive ability text section for all Heroes for Hire characters has been updated to clarify how their charge mechanic functions:

At the start of any WAR, if this character is on DEFENSE and has 3 or more Heroes for Hire allies, gain 2 Charged on spawn of their initial match. This action occurs only once per WAR.

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