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July 19, 2022

The next chapter of the road to Apocalypse has been revealed - Sagas! This is a new game mode where you’ll get to play through the exciting story of Apocalypse bestowing “gifts” to each of the Four Horsemen and completing their ceremonious transformation into his devoted disciples. Please note that details shared in this post are subject to change prior to release.

Apocalypse Sagas

There will be five Sagas in total that will require the Horsemen and their respective teams in order to participate, with some additional requirements for the final Saga. Each Saga is expected to be released after the second run of each Horsemen Scourge Event. Unlike Scourge Events, which run for a limited time, Sagas will be permanent additions to the new Epic Campaigns section (coming up in version 6.3), where Dark Dimension will also be accessible going forward.

Home Screen Epic


Here are some of the requirements for each of the Sagas, with some requirements still to be announced in the future:

  • Pestilence Saga - Morgan Le Fay and four Darkhold characters (Agatha Harkness, Wong, Doctor Strange (Heartless), and Scarlet Witch)
  • Famine Saga - Rogue and four Unlimited X-Men characters (Gambit, Fantomex, Sunfire, and Dazzler)
  • War Saga - War Horseman (TBA) and four other characters (TBA)
  • Death Saga - Death Horseman (TBA) and four other characters (TBA)
  • Apocalypse Saga - All Four Horsemen, their respective teams, and several additional characters

Multiple Difficulties

Each Saga is expected to have five nodes each and there is no persistent damage between battles. There will be three levels of difficulty and requirements for each Saga.

For the four Horsemen Sagas specifically, these are the Gear Tier requirements - Gear Tier 17 coming in version 6.3.0 (more info in this Friday’s weekly blog):

  • Difficulty 1 - Required Gear Tier 13 for each character
  • Difficulty 2 - Required Gear Tier 15 for each character
  • Difficulty 3 - Required Gear Tier 17 for each character

The fifth and final Apocalypse Saga will have another layer of depth with different gear and Iso-8 requirements, which will be announced in the future.

Additionally, to enter the final Apocalypse Saga, you must have completed all of the four Horsemen Sagas at least on Difficulty 1. To participate in the Apocalypse Saga on Difficulty 2, you must first complete all of the four Horsemen Sagas on Difficulty 2. To participate in the Apocalypse Saga on Difficulty 3, you must first complete all of the four Horsemen Sagas on Difficulty 3. 

To first unlock Apocalypse, you must complete Difficulty 2, and to unlock the rest of his Yellow Stars and Red Stars you must complete Difficulty 3:

  • Difficulty 2 - Gear Tier 16, Iso-8 Blue Level 4: Unlock Apocalypse at 5 Yellow Stars, 2 Red Stars
  • Difficulty 3 - Gear Tier 17, Iso-8 Blue Level 5: Promote Apocalypse to 7 Yellow Stars, 4 Red Stars


The gifts of En Sabah Nur are fit for a Pharaoh. Some of the rewards available in the various difficulties include Orange Gear, Gold, Armory 16 Orb Fragments and Iso-8 Blue materials.

Additionally, there are two types of rewards that will be exclusive to each of the Sagas and a third reward type that is very rare. They are:

  • Awakened Abilities
  • Horseman Costumes
  • Iso-8 Blue Level 5 Ions & Crystals

Awakened Abilities

Apocalypse will bestow gifts upon each of his Horsemen, granting them even greater power and unlocking new synergies with their fellow Horsemen and even Apocalypse himself. 

Awakened Abilities are augmentations to one or more of a character’s existing four abilities. Similar to normal Abilities, Awakened Abilities will also require materials to unlock and upgrade them, but they will only be used for that specific character and ability. You’ll earn these Awakened Ability materials as you progress through a character’s related Saga. For example, the Pestilence Saga will be the only place to earn the materials for the Pestilence Horseman, Morgan Le Fay.

Awakened Material

As a preview to the new powers that will be at your control, gaze upon the Awakened Abilities of Morgan Le Fay. 

Time Warp, at the new Level 8 will gain:

  • Apply Speed Up for 2 turns and Immunity for 1 turn to self, an Apocalypse ally, all Darkhold allies, and all Horseman allies.

Fae Queen, at the new Level 6 will gain (in bold):

  • Gain +50% Max Health. DARKHOLD allies gain +50% Max Health. Apocalypse and all HORSEMAN allies gain +50% Max Health.
  • Gain +100% Resistance. DARKHOLD allies gain +100% Resistance. Apocalypse and all HORSEMAN allies gain +100% Resistance.
Time Warp2
Fae Queen

New Costumes

In order to fully unlock & promote Apocalypse, the full transformation of the Four Horsemen must be complete. This will only be achieved once you have completed Difficulty 3 of the Horsemen Sagas, thus unlocking the new variant costumes for each of them. These exclusive versions are designed to visually coordinate the new team’s look on the battlefield. Available first will be Morgan Le Fay’s wicked new threads:

Mlf Costume Saga

You will need to complete Difficulty 3 in the Pestilence Saga to unlock the costume for Morgan Le Fay.

Iso-8 Blue Level 5

Iso-8 Blue Level 5 brings significant stat buffs and powerful new mechanics. The Horsemen Sagas will be a great place to pick up some of these coveted new resources.

Iso8 Blue Level5

Each Horseman Saga at Difficulty 3 will have enough Iso-8 Blue Level 5 Ions and pre-fused Crystals to promote the related Horseman character from Level 3 to Level 5. Additionally, fully clearing Difficulty 3 will grant enough Ions to fuse the crystals and promote another character from Iso-8 Green Level 5 to Blue Level 5!

You’ll need those crystals and class levels for Difficulty 3 of the final Apocalypse Saga, as it will require all of the following characters to be equipped with Iso-8 Blue Level 5:

  • The Four Horsemen (4 characters)
  • The teams for each of the Horsemen (16 characters)
  • Several S.T.R.I.K.E. characters, to be announced
Mlf Isobluelv5

More exciting announcements regarding all things related to the lead-up to the thrilling final Apocalypse Saga will be forthcoming here on the website, so check back in regularly for updates.

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