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Scopely Welcomes Creators to Boundless Entertainment
December 21, 2021

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Boundless Entertainment, a Scopely studio, has finalized an agreement to ensure the longevity of one of the most important components of the Marvel Strike Force community. 

The website, (and related Discord bot), was created and is managed by some of the most dedicated players of Marvel Strike Force. Thousands of hours have been invested by the volunteers that keep this platform updated and running on a daily basis, providing an invaluable resource for the community.

To ensure that the service that (and related Discord bot) provides to the community will always be available, we have worked with the owners of the website/bot to officially make it a part of Boundless Entertainment. But what truly makes this deal special is that we have also hired the two owners/operators as Scopely employees joining Boundless Entertainment - you might know them by their handles of Toxie and TyeJae. They will now be able to work on and full-time, to make those platforms and services the very best that they can be. And considering that they have both been playing Marvel Strike Force for many years, we are excited about the experiences and perspectives that they will bring to our internal conversations in shaping the future of the game and overall Marvel Strike Force experience for years to come.

With this acquisition, you will see some changes to in the short-term including the removal of ads and a discontinuation of accepting donations, as those are no longer needed to keep the site running. We also have plans to make future improvements and develop additional tools for players to stay informed and plan their progression to the fullest.

Toxie and TyeJae know that many members of the community will want to provide recommendations and requests for improvements, so they have set up a channel on the official Discord server, under MSF.GG > # msfgg-requests,  where you can provide that feedback directly to them.

Scopely and Boundless Entertainment are committed to making Marvel Strike Force an amazing game that will continue to grow for many, many years to come and in tandem invest into supporting our community’s needs for the best experience.

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