Second Strike Milestone Issues
March 30, 2020

Over the weekend, there were several issues with the Second Strike Milestone event, including:

- Milestone did not start on time

- Incorrect information listed on the Second Strike milestone card

- Certain milestones incorrectly marked as claimed

Milestone Didn’t Start on Time

Any Anniversary Credits used before the Milestone was active were not attributed to the Milestone. The Anniversary Credits spent have been recorded for each player and we will subsequently ensure that those credits will be counted to the Second Strike Milestone. The points were awarded today, directly to the accounts affected (not through the Inbox).

Incorrect Information on Event Description

There was text inaccurately calling out Arena and Raids being modes in which Anniversary Credits could be earned - it was subsequently updated to be correct. Raids are not a mode that will provide event currency, however, the Daily Arena Battles objective will grant currency starting tomorrow, after the next client update

Certain Milestones Incorrectly Marked as Claimed

There are specific Milestone tiers that are broken (33,34,36,39,41,44): when a player claims any one of those, the others in this group will appear as “Claimed” and not allow the player to collect the associated rewards. After the event ends we will identify the specific rewards missing for each individual player and will be sending them those items via the Inbox. 

The team sincerely apologizes for these errors and will be sending out some resources shortly to assist in your progress through the Milestones. We will take additional precautions going forward to help mitigate these errors.

Thank you for participating in our 2nd Anniversary celebration and we hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.

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