Sentinel of the Spaceways
March 10, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

To all those who hunger for the next S.T.R.I.K.E. member, search the universe no more, for a savior from the stars is dropping by this week for a cosmic meet and greet. Hop on your preferred watercraft and let's all ride the wave of knowledge onto the shore of understanding... 

Silver Surfer

On the utopian planet of Zenn-La, Norrin Radd yearned for meaning while the rest of his planet was content to live an apathetic life of luxury. Radd got his wish of purpose when word broke that Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, was en route to Zenn-La to consume his planet. Radd boarded a spaceship and confronted the god-like being, offering to become Galactus's herald and seek out new worlds for him to consume in exchange for Galactus sparing Zenn-La. Galactus agreed, and transformed Radd into his herald, endowed with a fraction of the Power Cosmic. Surfer channels this powerful energy to increase his strength, heal, restructure matter, and as a devastating weapon. Silver Surfer also rides a special board made of the same nearly indestructible material that coats his body, which he controls telepathically, and transports him around the universe faster than the speed of light.

This lone cosmic wanderer joins S.T.R.I.K.E. with high Health, Damage, and Resist that make him a versatile Blaster, with fantastic sustain built into his abilities. Although Surfer fits well with most teams, he works best when paired with at least one Hero Cosmic ally. His Passive Ability boosts Focus for allies while lowering enemies' Resistance, which helps allies land their negative effects. And you'll really feel the influence of the Power Cosmic when you theorycraft with various teams and Iso-8 Classes, so be sure to experiment.

Harness cosmic bolts of awesome power with Silver Surfer:

Traits:  Hero, Cosmic, Mystic, Blaster

Basic - Cosmic Crackle

  • Attack primary target for 280% piercing.

  • Transfer all negative effects from this character to the primary target. If this character doesn't have any negative effects, transfer all positive effects from the primary target to this character instead.

  • When this character performs a Counterattack or Assist, this attack can transfer negative or positive effects.

  • This attack cannot be counterattacked.

Special - Sentinel of the Spaceways

  • Energy Cost: 5/5

  • Attack primary target for 600% piercing + apply Disrupted for 2 turns.

  • Attack all adjacent targets for 200% piercing and apply Defense Down.

  • This attack cannot be counterattacked.

Ultimate - Event Horizon

  • Energy Cost: 6/6

  • Attack all enemies for 350% Piercing, clear Immunity from all enemies, and apply Heal Block for 2 turns to all enemies.

  • Clear all Charged, clear all positive effects, and apply Ability Block for 2 turns to the primary target.

  • This attack cannot be blocked or counterattacked.

Passive - The Power Cosmic

  • On Spawn, gain Defense Up for 3 turns.

  • On any Turn, Heal for 5% of this character's Max Health.

  • On Turn, gain +15% Speed, up to a max of +45% Speed.

  • On non-summoned ally Death, gain Offense Up.

  • If this character has Offense Up, all attacks ignore Defense Up.

  • Gain +50% Resistance, if this character has 1 or more Villain Cosmic enemies, gain an additional 50% Resistance.

  • Gain +50% Focus, If this character has 1 or more Hero Cosmic allies, gain an additional 50% Focus and all allies gain +50% Focus.

  • Lower Resistance by 50% for all enemies with Heal Block.

Silver Surfer is coming soon to a galaxy near you, so keep an eye out for this sentinel of the spaceways.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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