Silver Surfer Offer Correction
March 24, 2021

There have been some questions in regard to an issue where a few players were able to purchase a recent Silver Surfer offer ($20 for 50 Silver Surfer shards - limit two) more than the maximum purchase limit. Upon investigation, we have identified five accounts that through a glitch were able to purchase the offer more than twice, and only one of those accounts that purchased it more than a total of four times.

This will be corrected and all five accounts will have their excess shards of Silver Surfer removed, mitigating any advantage they may have had. Any additional action(s) taken on these accounts are considered a private matter with those individuals.

We understand that this caused frustration for many of you to see some other players that had more stars on Silver Surfer than should have been purchasable. We don’t want for you to feel that you somehow missed out, so we have decided to release the same offer ($20 for 50 Silver Surfer shards - limit two) for a second round to all players in the near future. We will be closely monitoring the number of purchases carefully, and any account found to acquire it more than twice will be at risk of an indefinite ban. Intentionally leveraging exploits is against our Terms of Service, and while we know loopholes like this are our responsibility to oversee, we won’t hesitate taking punitive action against players who exploit them while we work to close them.

The dev team is currently diagnosing the cause of the glitch and is planning a course of action on how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Thank you to all that reported the issue so we could start investigating right away, and for your patience while we conducted a proper investigation.

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