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July 2, 2022

There are several topics we would like to address and two of them require a short maintenance time tonight at ~6:00PM (PDT), expected to last less than 30 minutes.

First, yesterday there was an issue with a few offers that unintentionally granted points toward the Rollin Rebel milestone. As this had an adverse effect on the related Leaderboard, the affected accounts will be removed from the Rank Rewards and sent the rewards they would  have originally received via the Inbox in the near future. All other players will receive Rank Rewards on time.

Second, a tech issue related to the Inbox caused a very small number of accounts to be credited with an incorrect number of points toward the Summer of Thunder milestone. After maintenance, there will be TWO "Summer of Thunder" events using the same art and text. One will give out the original Milestone rewards and the other will specifically be for the Leaderboard, along with a bonus milestone reward at 20,000 points. Players who received incorrect points will not be eligible for the Milestone Rewards in the second run of the event as they already made progress in the first one. The affected players will be able to participate in the Leaderboard and get Rank Rewards through regular event participation.

Third is a follow-up to the previous announcement regarding the Raid Sim feature. Upon investigating reports that the Raid Sim feature was producing some unexpected results, the dev team is currently working on improving the feature, targeting release with the next major version update.

We greatly appreciate your patience while we worked through this and there will be a hefty compensation package in the form of a login calendar sent out today.

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