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The Ace of Raids Featuring Gambit
June 8, 2022

To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Gambit, the dev team is dealing out a new limited-time Raid themed around the Ragin’ Cajun. The new Gambit Raid will follow many of the rules of traditional Raid content with some new twists that will flex your theorycrafting muscles.

Please note that testing for the feature is on-going and thus the details are subject to change prior to release.

Dates & Times

Beginning on June 15th @5:00PM PDT, the Gambit Raid will run a total of 14 days, which is replacing the slot that a Greek Raid would run (will return after the Gambit Raid). Alliances can start a new version of the Raid every 24 hours using unique raid keys for this event for a total of 14 runs.


Similar to other Raids, each node will have specific trait requirements. For this raid, certain characters will have temporary traits of Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts and Spades. Here are the characters available for each of these traits.





  • Domino

  • Deadpool

  • Gamora

  • Nebula

  • Stryfe

  • Magik

  • Doctor Voodoo

  • Morbius

  • Colossus

  • Carnage

  • Spider-Man (Symbiote)

  • Gambit

  • Dazzler

  • Sunfire - available at launch

  • Magneto

  • Loki

  • Silver Surfer

  • Taskmaster

  • Spider-Punk

  • Thor

  • Yellowjacket

  • Star-Lord (T'Challa)

  • Yondu

  • Shatterstar

  • War Machine

  • Gambit

  • Fantomex

  • Sunfire

  • Kitty Pryde

  • Mantis

  • Emma Frost

  • Spider-Woman

  • Agatha Harkness

  • Ghost

  • Sharon Carter

  • Ghost-Spider

  • Nico Minoru

  • Misty Knight

  • Dagger

  • Colleen Wing

  • Gambit

  • Dazzler

  • Morgan Le Fay

  • Deathpool

  • Daredevil

  • Mister Fantastic

  • Human Torch

  • Psylocke

  • Jubilee

  • Cull Obsidian

  • Thanos

  • Sunfire

  • Scarlet Spider

  • Spider-Man

  • Gambit

  • Fantomex

New Energy Refill and Heals Resources

This Raid will have its own dedicated resources for Energy Refills and Heals/Revives, so you don’t need to stockpile resources from other Raids to prioritize them for this one.

Raid Lanes

Below you can see diagrams of the nodes, the trait requirements for each, and the lanes you’ll likely want to assign your Alliance members.

Gambit Raid Map |
Gambit Raid Lanes |

Alternating Enemy Teams

One of the new twists is that each node will feature 1 of 3 different enemy team compositions, chosen at random (equal chance) when the Raid is started. For example, node M1 might feature enemy Brotherhood characters the first time the Raid is launched, could feature enemy Wakandans the second time the Raid is launched, and Defenders/Heroes for Hire the third time the Raid is launched. 

Please note that the team compositions listed below may include additional characters that are not of the listed trait. Also, the compositions may change between the different nodes. For example, the Brotherhood-themed composition in M1 might be different in M2 and M3.

M1, M2, and M3

  • Brotherhood

  • Wakanda

  • Defender/Heroes for Hire

M4, M5, and M6

  • Mutant

  • Inhuman/Fantastic Four

  • Mercenary/Spider-Verse

M7, M8, M9, and M10

  • Pym Tech/Black Order & Thanos

  • Avenger/Infinity Watch

  • Skill Military/Marauder


  • Brotherhood - BOSS: Magneto

  • Wakanda - BOSS: Black Panther

  • Defender/Heroes for Hire - BOSS: Colleen Wing/Misty Knight


  • Mutant - BOSS: Dark Phoenix

  • Inhuman/Fantastic Four - BOSS: Silver Surfer

  • Mercenary/Spider-verse - BOSSES: Web-Warriors


  • Pym Tech/Black Order & Thanos - BOSSES: Black Order & Thanos

  • Avenger/Infinity Watch - BOSSES: Infinity Watch

  • Skill Military/Marauder - BOSSES: Emma Frost, Madyline Pryor, Mister Sinister


  • BOSS: Gambit

Additive Combat Modifiers

The next twist to the Gambit Raid are additive combat modifiers. As players progress through the nodes, different sections of the raid will add special rules for combat that will stack on top of any previous modifiers, adding additional challenges and theorycrafting opportunities. For example, starting on M1, there will be one combat modifier, starting on MB1, there will be two combat modifiers, starting on MB2, there will be three combat modifiers and starting on MB3, there will be four combat modifiers.

Gambit Raid Map - Color Coded |

A2, A3, and A4

When A Player Character Blocks, They Also Gain Stun

B3, C2, C6, D5, E4, G4, H5, I2, I6, and J3

When A Player Character Uses Their Ultimate, All Enemies Gain 1 Energy

K2, K3, and K4

At Start Of Match, One Player Character Gains Disrupted

B7, B9, B10, B13, D12, H12, J7, J9, J10, and J13

When A Player Character Gains Stealth, They Also Gain Taunt

K6, K7, K9, and K12

When Any Player Character Dies, All Enemies Gain 2 Energy

A6, A7, A9, and A12

When An Enemy Takes Damage, They Gain +2 Speed Up

C14, D14, E13, E14, F11, F13, G13, G14, H14, and I14

All Enemies Special And Ultimate Cost is Reduced by 1

I15, J15, K13, K14, and K15

When A Player Character Uses Their Ultimate, They Gain Blind

A13, A14, A15, B15, and C15

When A Player's Character Uses Special, They Gain Ability Block

D15, E15, F14, F15, G15, and H15

Enemies Generate 1 Extra Energy Each Time They Generate Energy


There will be a total of 10 difficulties available (Normal + 9 additional), all of which will be unlocked at the start of the event. Completing the higher difficulties will grant all the first-time rewards of the difficulties below it. This is intended to be a significant challenge and will put the full might of your teams to the test, but the higher the difficulty you can complete, the better the prizes! 

  • Difficulties 1 through 6 require 60% completion to earn first-time rewards.

  • Difficulties 7 through 9 require 100% completion to earn their first-time rewards.


Go all in on this challenging event to cash out with some highly valuable prizes. Individual Node rewards will give out Raid Credits, Gold, points for the associated Ace of Raids Milestone, and points for the Raid Season Milestone. Rank Rewards will include Gold, fragments of a special Orb that drops Gambit shards, and points for Ace of Raids. First-time completion rewards available include T2 L1 Ions in some difficulties and the coveted T2 L4 Ions for the higher difficulties.

Ace of Raids Milestone

In tandem, there will be a 7-day milestone that will repeat once (14 days total) that will grant tons of rewards including the opportunity to rack up more character shards for Gambit, Disco Balls (for the Rollin’ Rebel Milestone), T4 Ability Materials, and more!  The second run of the Milestone will include the coveted Glimmer Bracelet, giving you a big boost to your progress in Rollin’ Rebel.

Look forward to seeing more details regarding the rewards as we get closer to the Gambit Raid release date.

Raid Maps on

We are hard at work updating the Maps page of to include info of the Gambit Raid, which should be ready to view by the time that the event begins.

Wrapping It Up

We are incredibly excited to get this new Raid feature in players' hands and hearing your feedback to make future iterations even better. Don’t put it off—now is the time to collaborate with your Alliance to prepare for this explosive new Raid!

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