Version 5.3 Issues & Fixes
May 1, 2021

There are some issues and topics we’re currently tracking and we want to give you some status updates:

Strike Pass Issues

We continue to work on the issue with the Premium offer for the current Strike Pass not being accessible but this likely won’t be resolved until next week. 

There were a few players that were incorrectly given the wrong level of Strike Pass but those few instances should now be corrected.

We will send out another inbox message with the 930 tokens in the near future to everyone that wasn’t able to claim them or didn’t get credit for using what they claimed.

Arena Ranking Bug

Yesterday there was a problem with certain players not changing ranks in Arena upon completing a battle. A fix was deployed for this issue and it should no longer be occurring.

Updated Character Power Calculations

There are several characters that had their displayed power calculations updated to include bonuses provided in their passive abilities:

  • Colossus - Max Health

  • Corvus Glaive - Damage %

  • Coulson - Max Health and Resistance

  • Crossbones - Armor %

  • Cull Obsidian - Max Health

Kestrel Offer Ended Early

Don’t worry if you missed it - the split offer for Kestrel will return next week for another chance to purchase her character shards and related orb.

Dark Promotion Credits

We previously announced that the new Dark Promotion Credits will be coming in version 5.3 and their addition to Red Star Orbs will be coming in a few weeks. Red Stars for Ultron are almost within your grasp!

Multiple Man Red Star Compensation

We regret the delay on this update - it took us a while to sort it out. There will be another run of Multiple Man Red Star featuring around the end of May and we’ll be sending out compensation in time to be used for this featuring.

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