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Version 5.6.0 Issues
August 19, 2021

There are a number of issues that the dev team is currently tracking in relation to the release of version 5.6.0 and are currently working on:


  • In War Store, character shards for Bishop were incorrectly priced
  • Milestone II Orbs incorrectly granting fragments for the discontinued Ability Orb
  • Raid Completion Rewards were reverted to a previous state
  • Cull Obsidian unintentionally missing from War Store and Nobu was appearing instead
  • World Warrior, High Roller, Save the World! Milestones - Missing Elite Orange Gear Orbs and all milestone thresholds were not claimable

In Progress

  • Certain characters causing the game to become unresponsive in combat (Green Goblin, Falcon, Killmonger)
  • In Daily Objectives, the objectives related to Raids are not showing and causing red badges to appear that can’t be cleared. We’ll send the missing rewards, including Strike Pass points, in future compensation
  • Investigating some potential bugs regarding the function of Deathpool’s passive ability


  • The Gold cost for crafting gear is now all included in the top level, as we removed the Gold cost to sub-craft gear
  • Regarding a bug where some characters appear invisible in combat: the team has been working on a fix and is expected to go live with version 5.7.0 in the future. It will also include a fix for the Event Store where the Finder doesn’t always display the locations of resources/items.

Some of the issues we are working on will require a hotfix, meaning that there will likely be a version 5.6.1 released in the very near future. We will be sending out compensation for some of these issues sometime after the hotfix is live. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

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