Widowmaker Calendar Returning for New Players
March 18, 2020

An Inbox message was sent announcing that the Widowmaker Calendar is returning for players that created new accounts subsequent to the first one ending. For context: this is a login calendar to celebrate the first player to complete Dark Dimension II, similar to the Tadano Mac calendar that ran for the first completion of Dark Dimension III. This message was published early but will be going into effect for all eligible players this week.

There have been a few reports of players that should be eligible not seeing the calendar, and that is being investigated.

There have also been questions from players who started a new account close to the end of the first Widowmaker Calendar who weren’t able to claim many of the rewards. For these players, the team is discussing the situation and will make a decision on how to best compensate them. More to come on this outlier issue. Thanks!

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